The Genie is out of the Bottle: how do we control tablets in the cloud?

Tom Ingram presented The Genie is out of the Bottle: how do we control tablets in the cloud? at the CoSN Council of Florida CTO Clinic in June, 2011.

This session will provide a snapshot of a medium size district’s progress in addressing the requirements of a tablet and cloud-based computing environment.

Escambia County

  • 47 schools (almost all Title I eligible)
  • 19 charter schools and other programs
  • 39,000 students
  • 19,000 computers-60% Windows; 40% Mac

IT Support Staff

  • 13 district Technology Support
  • 7 district Network Staff
  • 7 district Instructional Technology
  • 40 school-based Technology Coordinators

Technology Systems

  • Network Operating System – Novell
  • Network Infrastructure-Cisco, Dell, Aruba

What do we support?

If we let students bring their own devices with cellular service, how will we filter them?

Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems (see Addendum III, page 14)

  • Parent requests sanction for student to use mobile device at school
  • Principal or designee sanctions usage
  • School assumes no responsibility for loss or damage

Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (see pages 30 & 31)

“At the discretion of the school principal, the rules regarding student use of personally owned cell phones and other electronic devices mentioned above may be suspended in part or in their entirety.”

Tablet & App Purchases

  • Apps remain property of the district
  • Tablets restricted to current vendors
  • Apple iPad
  • Dell Android device?

Wireless Infrastructure

  • Guest wireless network requiring e-mail address provides Internet access filtered for students
  • Secure wireless network requiring 802.1x login to radius server provides access to all district resources

Web Tools

  • Identity-based Internet filtering
  • Web enabled user directories
  • Web-delivered applications
  • Single sign-on access to Web enabled applications

Professional Development

  • Students actively engaged in learning using technology tools
  • Student use of district-owned mobile computing devices
  • Teacher use of technology tools

Presentation Slides

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