Students as People

I recently visited a professional development session facilitated by teachers from the Science Leadership Academy (SLA). I was only there for a few minutes, but I was really impressed with how the teacher described his interactions with students. He treated them like they were real people.

It made me think about my experience reading Leadership and Self-Deception a few months ago. The book shows how to get out of the box when dealing with others–that is to treat others as people rather than objects. Before reading the book, I didn’t realize how the way we view people is directly related to how we treat them.

So hearing this teacher from SLA talk about treating students like people really resonated with me. Unfortunately, some teachers treat students like objects. They believe they are justified in their poor treatment of students because of the way that the students act. I hope that teachers who treat students like objects could hear a teacher like this one and be moved by his words.