iTen Wired Summit 2012

The iTen Wired Summit held on September 14th was a great opportunity for me to think about some mobile computing issues. My favorite session was Nathan Clevenger’s breakout on Mobile Application Development Strategies. As he was talking about software development, he said, “in mobility, it is all about the user experience.” Maybe I’m so quick to embrace mobile technology because for me, it’s all about the user experience whether I’m thinking about mobility or not. I was also intrigued by his discussion of apps versus web. He also used the terms native and cross platform so at first I thought he was referring to web as cross platform and apps as native. However, I think his distinction was deeper than that, and I’m excited about the opportunity to read his book, iPad in the Enterprise, which I won. I think my main point from the entire discussion on this topic was that there’s not one right answer for everyone. In his keynote, I also enjoyed his characterization of a CIO who didn’t embrace the iPad as someone who didn’t want to lose control. In IT, I think we’ve focused on control for a while. For me, control has always been about making it easier. However, I’m convinced that we won’t be able to control the vast technology environment out there now so we must move away from the concept of control. I also enjoyed Larry Hyde’s concept of UYOD–use your own device. His point was, “who cares if they bring a device because we only need to be concerned with whether they are using their device on our network.”

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